Baltimore Uncorked

We are proud to announce a evening of fun, food and wine at Baltimore Uncorked!


The last time the Victoria Opera House held performances was in the late 50’s early 60’s – so in honer of her last hurrah until we open her up again we are having a “Mad Men” themed event with food popular in that time period (and some with our own twist on classics)

All tickets come with sampling tokens and additional tokens can be purchased. In addition cocktail tokens can be purchased to order mixed drinks form the bar. Wine sample sizes are 2oz and beer is 4oz.(These are dictated buy the State Department of Commerce)

There will be an assortment of non-alcoholic drinks as well for our non drinking friends and “designated drivers”




Victoria’s Whirligigs!

The BDRC is launching a fun and very inexpensive fundraiser – Victoria’s Whirligis

Everyone needs a smile to brighten their day, so how about “Whirling a Friend” by sending a gaggle of Whirling Smiling Pinwheels to greet them. The pinwheels will arrive under the cover of darkness, and in the morning when your friend awakes they will see a yard full of smiles.

The cost to send them to a friend is $5

To have them expertly removed from your yard, we ask a wrangling fee of $5

To purchase Whirligig Insurance so you “Don’t get Whirled” it is $15

For more information call 614-450-0237 or email

Whirligig info sheet

Whirl a Friend Contract

Removal order form


Its that time again…

Our monthly meeting is TONIGHT, May 15th a@7pm…Basil Park. We will not be discussing the general business operations – but more of an idea and brainstorming and get to know you.

On Saturday evening at 6pm we will be having a Victoria Opera House meeting to go over the plans for the opera house. Please RSVP so we can have enough refreshments.


Monthly Meeting, Events and Fun OH MY!

The Monthly meeting of the BDRC will be Wednesday April 17, 7pm @ Basil Park.

Our dance card is quickly filling up for this year and we need your help. If you can assist us in any way with supplies, donations or volunteering your time we would love to hear from you.
Schedule Of Events:
April 28, 2pm Arbor Day Celebration @ Basil Park
Come enjoy Cookies and Punch to celebrate Arbor Day!
Arbor Day at Griley House
May 15, Baltimore Community Calendar Orders DUE!
June 7-October 11 (Fridays 4-7pm) Farmers Market @ Basil Park.
We will need volunteers to man the booth from 3-7pm. If you are interested one helping one of the market days, please reply.


July 12, 6-9pm Family Fun Sock Hop @ VFW
July 26, Lancaster Festival of the Arts CHAIRish the Arts Event @ the Fairfield County District Library
We will need volunteers to transport the chairs turned art by the LU Art Students; and individuals to be at the event to talk about the Victoria Opera House
July 27, Community Yard Sale Bake Sale
If you would like to bake something or donate water or soda please contact us