The Baltimore Downtown Restoration Committee is a group of dedicated individuals working to restore and revitalize the two distinct downtown areas of
Baltimore, Ohio.

We are not affiliated with the Village of Baltimore Government, but a separate 501c3 organization. Though we are not part of government, we must work with government to make our plans a reality. All funds are controlled by the BDRC, and all donations are tax deductible.

The Baltimore Downtown Restoration Committee’s mission is to preserve, promote, and enhance the Village’s downtown districts to ensure that these historic areas support a successful mix of commercial, residential, and civic activities that contribute to our small-town quality of life.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help

“preserve the past and ensure the future”
please contact us.

Benefits of Revitalization
• Higher property values
• Stronger tax base to support schools, parks, etc.
• Local accessibility to goods and services
• More places to go and activities for youths
• Employment opportunities
• Reduced cost of services, such as police and fire protection
• Improved quality of life in the community
• Achievement of common goals
• Preservation of community history,

  1. James Williams

    Music gets people’s attention. Many of the Lancaster Community Band live in Baltimore. The band has 50 members and plays many venues. You might try them to play at or near the theater some week end.

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