1. Peggy Springer

    This calendar with our events is wonderful; however, I would like to see more of our birthdays, anniversaries noted. Since we just returned from Florida I didn’t even know that the calendar was coming to a close. In the past when the band did this calendar, we had someone call us to solicit “business” and especially a phone number on the calendar. I do especially like the bottom of the calendar that has businesses. When I was in Florida it was handy to have phone numbers if needed. I would be willing to help promote our calendar as I used it quite a bit of sending birthday cards and anniversary cards to people that I especially wanted to acknowledge! It was wonderful to have Edna Shreyer’s birthday on it. I would have liked to know how old but I do have a pretty good idea as I was here when she celebrated her 80th with all the wonderful “hoopla”. I know that each year it will get better and better. As an additional comment, I (we if Bob feels the same) are so happy to be part of the town of Baltimore proper and be able to vote. In the past we had lived in Thurston and really enjoyed being part of our little community! And some exciting news is that our house is being remodeled by the new owners and we are so happy to see it happen because it was difficult to drive past and see it slowly being left unattended! Thanks to those responsible!

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