It’s a Wonderful Life – rehearsal page

I’m excited to get started on this play. We have a tremendous cast of really talented kids!

I will try to update this page with information as the months proceed. Please watch your emails also, but this would be a good page to pin somewhere on your phone or computer for easy access.

CALENDAR – this will take you to the VPCT calendar. Please note that if you have submitted a conflict, I did my best to work around those conflicts for the first six weeks of rehearsals. After that, you may miss your scenes if you have a conflict during rehearsal. Please reach out to me (Jill) if you have any questions going forward. I don’t like to change schedules once they are posted, but things come up and you’ll be contacted through email for any types of changes as soon as they are known.

CALENDAR #2 – if you have trouble with the first calendar link, try this one instead. (These are the same calendars just different access links.)

MY SCENES – this link will take you to the spreadsheet that shows you what scenes you are in. (If you have a very minor role in a scene, I may not have called you to every rehearsal of that scene. I don’t like to waste your time when we are all very busy season.) This is the same spreadsheet you received when roles were announced, and it is still located inside of the google drive that was sent earlier.

SIGN UP TO HELP – we are always in need of helpers! Our biggest needs will be set design and prep, prop gathering, and costumes. If you are interested in any of these things, please use the link to sign up. FYI, anyone signing up to help while rehearsals are happening, will need to be background checked. The process is very simple and is free to the helper. You’ll receive an email from VPCT through the company InquireHire. They will send you a link to input your information to a secure site. VPCT does not receive any of the background checks unless there is a problem that we need to know about. Anyone not approved through the background check will not be allowed to help with the production.

GOOGLE DRIVE ACCESS – this is the same drive as was sent earlier. You can also find scene scripts inside of this drive.