Baltimore Downtown Restoration is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization, independent of Village government, therefore we receive no tax dollars or outside funding. The bulk of our operation funds come from memberships, donations, grants and fundraisers. Therefore your membership is vital to the success of our organization’s mission to help Baltimore and the surrounding community.

For your membership investment in the community, you will be helping us to plant trees, provide way-finding signage, erect welcome banners and raise flags along our streets; as well as support our local independent businesses.

Additionally, we are working to restore the Victoria Opera House. The Victoria Opera House is the last Opera House in Fairfield County. This unique piece of Fairfield County history is a treasure for all the county’s residents. The restoration of the Victoria Opera House will give Fairfield County a unique opportunity to bring potential tourist dollars to the community, as well as new customers to your businesses.

We are looking forward to planning events that will bring visitors to our Village of Baltimore.

Please take the time to view our membership information:


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