Urban Tree Renewal

Trees make our town a special place to live. They shade our homes, our businesses and our streets. They clean our air and water, reduce storm water run-off, increase our property values, reduce energy costs and make our neighborhoods greener, safer, and healthier.

Our trees are a vital asset. In fact, our green infrastructure is likely the only part of our town’s infrastructure that actually increases in value and service over time. The Tree City USA program provides an outstanding framework for managing this important asset.

Baltimore Downtown Restoration is proud to partner with the  Baltimore Tree Commission, working to restore our urban tree canopy; whether in our parks, side neighborhoods or main thoroughfares, we support the planting an maintenance of trees in the Village of Baltimore.

Each year we celebrate Arbor Day with a tree planting the last Sunday in April. If you would like to suggest a location for our next planing, please contact us.

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